torsdag 3 juni 2010


As you may have conjectured when reading the previous text, this book takes everything to a new level. It is crazy and very different, therefore I would place Breakfast on Pluto under the genre Postmodernism. As a result of this, it is best suited for persons who read a lot and is tired of the classic novels and are longing for something new and fresh.

If one would look at the language used in this novel you could see that it is advanced and that it contains expressions which require good education to fully understand. Thus this book should be most popular among well educated persons who care about the culture and like to jump on the bandwagon so to speak. Persons who read Breakfast on Pluto are in generally considered to be topnotch.

I find it a little sad that Breakfast on Pluto has such a narrow target of audience when it contains a message valuable for everyone.



When first reading Breakfast on Pluto you wonder if you comprehend the text, because it is indeed obscure. While thinking that the text does not make any sense you get thrown into a new situation even more shocking then the first one. But over time the story becomes easier to interpret and you start to enjoy reading this novel. In fact, you may even grow fond of it.

There are many protagonists who are very different from each other and very different from, what many people would call a “normal person”. Thus, as a reader, you are provided with a new outlook and attitude towards us “normal persons”. For example, when “normal persons” are thinking about their own success and are embittered, Braden is thinking about his nails and clothes but is at the same time happy. The author Patrick McCabe accomplishes to do this with a sense of humor and sometimes it is a lot of fun, however the humor is often rough and merciless.

In Breakfast on Pluto the leading character is a transvestite prostitute from the village of Tyreelin who calls himself Patrick “Pussy” Braden. You meet him at an early age and follow his development towards becoming a transvestite prostitute. At first you may not understand Braden´s way of living but soon you start to think that his worldview is in fact better, more humane, then the worldview owned by us “normal persons”. That is something that the author, Patrick McCabe, wants to achieve and he sure does.

Braden´s life is a debauch of extraordinary situations but he does receive hate and anger, but he can handle it and it will be very interesting to see what the future has to offer for Braden!

Got to keep reading! But… I´ll be back!


tisdag 1 juni 2010

Breakfast on Pluto

Lo and behold! This is the grand opening of this devine blog, destined to change the world for all eternity!

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